Staff Members


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Pastor Gilbert R. Jarrell

and Pastor Vicky F. Jarrell







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In Loving Memory of Becky Funk who left us on Feb. 6th, 2008 and

her son Aaron Funk who left us on Feb. 9, 2008.

We love you and you will be greatly missed.




Junior Church Teachers

(Left to Right) Bobbie Stevens, Kathy Daugherty,

Angie Funk, Becky Funk, Kevin Ross, and Judy Pearson.



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(Left to Right) Bryan Stevens, Bob Amorine,

Ron Diles, Kevin Ross, and Trustee George Anderson.



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Multimedia Crew

(Left to Right) Bobbie Stevens, Letha Huntsman, and Dave Whittington.



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Men Ministers with the Pastor

(Left to Right) Rev. Bryan Stevens, Rev. Michael Daugherty, Pastor Gilbert R. Jarrell, Rev. Ted Pearson, and Rev. Kevin Ross



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Lady Ministers with the Pastor

(Left to Right) Rev.Hazel Diles, Rev. Kathy Daugherty, Rev.Dorothy Crabtree, Pastor Vicky F. Jarrell, Rev. Bobbie Stevens, Rev. Judy Pearson



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Michael Daugherty

Missionary President



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Directors of the Food Pantry

George and Mary Anderson



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Sister Dorothy Crabtree



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Hospital Chaplain

Rev. Homer Humphrey



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President of the Lady's Ministry

Mary Anderson


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Directors of Music

Ted and Judy Pearson